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Group Photograph of Fertilizer Technical Working Group, Larteh Ghana
CountryStat Nigeria and Ghana in collaboration with and the West Africa Fertilizer Program express sincere appreciation to you for your participation and contributions toward the success of Fertilizer Technical Working Group Workshop for validating Fertilizer Statistics for the year 2015 held in Nasarawa State, Nigeria from the 23rd to 25th May,...
The CountrySTAT is migrating from the old system to a more dynamic and friendly platform to meet the needs of data users. This called for an intensive training in Tanzania between 28th November, 2016 and 1st December, 2016
Countrystat User's Sensitization Seminar, Abuja Nigeria (November 19, 2014)
The meeting was attended by participants drawn from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, National Bureau of Statistics, Central Bank of Nigeria, Nigeria Customs Service, National Agricultural Extension and Research Liaison Services and FAO. Main outcomes of the meeting include: validation of crop data for 2011-2012; fertilizer import data...
The statistics gathered in CountrySTAT centre around the following areas: food - its production, utilization, trade (imports, exports, prices) and consumption; resources, notably availability, use and trade (imports, exports, prices); and economics, namely inputs and their prices, production and output prices.  To date 20 countries and regions are involved in the development of CountrySTAT...
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