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Ghana-Nigeria 2017 Fertilizer Data Validation

Rapports de CountrySTAT
The Fertilizer Technical Working Group (FTWG) collated fertilizer statistics in Ghana and Nigeria and validated for dissemination to various stakeholders

The Mission statement of Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Develoment include the following

2016 Nigeria Fertilizer Summary Table

Rapports Statistiques

AFO CountrySTAT FTWG Report 2016

Rapports Généraux
AFO CountrySTAT General Rport 2016
The  Report of the Fertilizer Technical Working Group Validation Exercise of 2015  can be accessed through the link below  
CountrySTAT and are partnering in Nigeria since 2013 to improve the accuracy and the availability of comprehensive, detailed national and sub-national statistics on fertilizer...

NIGERIA processed import 2009 2012 March 2014

Rapports Statistiques
NIGERIA processed import 2009 2012 March 2014
The (AFO) with the support of International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC), International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA), Africa Fertilizer Agribusiness Partnership (AFAP), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Africa Union Commission and its New Partnership for...
IFPRI Fertilizer Promotion Strategies within a Complex Fertilizer Subsector 2013
The Exportable crop survey is a collaborative effort of the following agencies namely: National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Federal Ministry of...
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