Year published: 19/02/2014

The AfricaFertilizer.org (AFO) with the support of International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC), International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA), Africa Fertilizer Agribusiness Partnership (AFAP), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Africa Union Commission and its New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD) Agency engaged Fertilizer Suppliers Association of Nigeria - FEPSAN (consultant) in collaboration with Federal Fertilizer Department (FFD) of Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD), Nigeria to conduct a survey on Consumption and Fertilizer Use by Crop (FUBC). The objective of the study is to provide best estimates of current National consumption and Fertilizer Use by Crop (FUBC) statistics and design a cost effective frame work for estimating consumption and FUBC data in Nigeria. The study identified the major sources of fertilizer production, import/export, consumption and fertilizer use by crop data and carried out SWOT analysis on the sources, methodologies, tools and available data in the country for calculation of real consumption and fertilizer use by crops, estimates of real consumption per product, per nutrient and estimates of FUBC per nutrient at country level for the 3 years (2010-2012), dealt with missing gaps in the data, and suggested cost effective ways of collecting real consumption and FUBC data.

Data and information for the study were gathered from various sources. Some of these data were collected from International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC), National Agricultural Extension and Research Liaison Services (NAERLS), Planning Research and Statistics Department (PRSD), Federal Fertilizer Department (FFD), Nigerian Customs Service (NCS), National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Sasakawa Global 2000Nigeria (SG 2000) and FEPSAN. These were complimented with data from FAO and IFA. The aim is to improve access and availability of essential fertilizer statistics in the country such as production, trade, consumption and fertilizer use by crop so as to give a better understanding of the status of crop nutrition in Nigeria