Working together to improve fertilizer supply in Nigeria

Year published: 14/07/2013

The Fertilizer Suppliers Association of Nigeria (FEPSAN) is a national trade association set up to represent the needs and interests of fertilizer manufacturers, importers, blending plants, major distributors and dealers in Nigeria.

The Association was launched in February 2004. Its membership is open to all registered companies under the Nigerian laws dealing with manufacturing, importation, blending, and distribution of good quality fertilizers. Other related bodies/organizations or individuals may be considered as affiliate members. The Association is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission with registration no CAC/IT/NO 19779

Vision is to attain improved productivity and environmental sustainability of Nigerian Agriculture through balanced and judicious use of fertilizers.

Mission is to provide a flat form for stakeholders in the public and private sectors of fertilizer industry in Nigeria to develop effective public private partnerships to ensure timely supply of adequate quantity and quality fertilizers; and to promote professional, moral and ethical practices in the industry.

The goals and objectives of the Association include:

 Improve the production and regular supply of adequate quantity and quality fertilizers to meet the demand of Nigerian farmers.

 Provide for the business development of its members through training, education and enlightenment.

 Dialogue and advocacy on agricultural and in particular fertilizer policy reforms in Nigeria.

 Collaborate with public and private sector stakeholders to develop and promote appropriate fertilizer use technologies.

 Collaborate with government to develop and implement quality control standards and specifications of fertilizer products.

 Develop and improve the fertilizer market chain in Nigeria.

 Promote balanced and judicious use of fertilizer through demonstrations and enlightenment campaigns to improve fertilizer use efficiency.

 Help in the proper maintenance of soil fertility and environmental safety.

 Serve as a reference point for data and information on the fertilizer industry in Nigeria.

 Mutual cooperation and collaboration with other related associations both in Nigeria and other countries for the benefit of members and that of the Nigerian agriculture.