Year published: 14/02/2011

Survey of exportable agricultural crops is a collaborative survey amongst National Bureau of statistics (NBS), Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Federal Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development (FMA&RD) and Federal Ministry of Commerce & Industry (FMC&I). The survey which is the seventh in the series covered sixteen exportable crops and it is essentially household-based.

The objectives of the survey, include generating a national databank on exportable agricultural commodities; ascertaining the spread of the cultivation of each of the sixteen exportable agricultural crops within Nigeria in terms of area cultivated and quantities produced by states; as well as generating socio-economic and demographic data on holders within households.

The response rate of 99.64 per cent recorded was very impressive as 1,913 holders out of 1,920 Enumeration Areas (EAs) provided information.


The planning and execution of this survey was guided by well articulated work plan put in place by the Consultative Committee of Agricultural Export Commodity Statistics (CCAECS) which included questionnaire review; national, zonal and state levels trainings of the field staff; field operation; monitoring and quality check; manual data editing; data capture; data cleaning/analysis and report writing.


The survey covered farming households involved in any of the selected exportable agricultural crops in the 36 States of the Federation and Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Allocation of sample sizes in states varied depending on the number of exportable crops grown in the states as well as the intensity of cultivation.